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Weekend Workshop: Distaff Spinning

Weekend Workshop: Distaff Spinning


Distaff Spinning

Saturday Morning Session 9am - 12noon

August 24, 2024

taught by Rebecca Ranta


Long before the invention of the spinning wheel and modern "drop" spindle, our ancestors spun both wool and flax with a distaff and hand spindle. Efficient and transportable, these two tools, in expert hands, transformed raw materials into yarn for centuries. In this half-day workshop, students will learn about the history of the distaff and hand spindle and then get an introduction to the techniques, starting with wool combing and dressing the distaff. Distaff, wool, and hand spindles will be provided, and can be purchased if desired. Basic spinning knowledge required - this is not an intro to spinning class, but an introduction to a new spinning technique. 

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