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The Weaver's Croft is pleased to host guest instructors in the Studio.  These talented craftspeople will be presenting a wide variety of classes  and workshops throughout the year.

Noel Guetti


 Noel Guetti (he/him) is a lifelong textile philosopher and craftsperson. He works with the overlapping practices of weaving, sewing, and pattern design to explore the ways that clothing brings people more fully into their bodies and souls. His goal as a teacher is to cultivate learning environments where building friendship is a priority and knowledge flows in all direction. See more of his work at or on Instagram @prayersforwhatis.

Rosemary Wexler

Rosemary Wexler (she/her) is a web-ceremonialist and barn loom specialist living in Chicago. She trained under Kate Smith at the Marshfield School of Weaving, has reproduced historic trims for Eaton Hill Textile Works, and weaves functional cloth at Meet me in the loom. She has been teaching weaving since 2021.

rosemary bio pic.jpeg

Rebecca Ranta


Rebecca Ranta is a Fashion & Textile Historian and Fiber Artist with a deep passion for learning and preserving traditional textile crafts. She wholeheartedly believes that traditional practices from the past can help inform a more vibrant and sustainable future. Through intentional embodied practices, Rebecca engages extensive research into archeology and history with her craft in order to elicit a deeper understanding of textile work in context. She specializes in creating handsewn historic garment reproductions with handwoven fabric, using period accurate tools and techniques. She has been studying historic weaving with Kate Smith, since spring of 2022. She is a member of the Northern New England Fibershed Advisory Board and Bast Fiber working group, which was recently awarded a grant to research the feasibility of bringing a bast fiber processing facility back to New England. 

Andrea Myklebust

Andrea is a shepherd, weaver, and sculptor who became interested in flax and linen for its history and its potential as a local textile fiber. She recently completed a two year USDA SARE research grant to grow, process, and sell flax fiber and yarns. Born in Minnesota, she is a recent transplant to southern Vermont.


Bonnie Gale


Bonnie Gale, Willow Artist, born in England, has been engaged with willow since the early 1980's.  With degrees in City Planning and Landscape Architecture, Bonnie brings a design expertise to each project.  Bonnie has created a uniquely strong method of construction [weaving principle and pattern], that can be applied to any living willow structure.  This technique comes from years of experience with willow and studying worldwide techniques. Her work speaks for itself.

Her installation work grows to provide both a product and an art for public and private institutions and private clients.

Abby Dove

Abby Dove is an artist, spinner, weaver, dyer and knitter, born and raised in central Indiana. Having shown interest in weaving by age six, Abby began saving up for her first loom at the ripe age of nine, and jumped headfirst into museum work in high school.
From the experiential foundation of a decade in preserving and teaching textile production and history across the Eastern United States, Abby's instruction style is led by a passion for giving you the tools and education to accessibly and affordably grow as an artist beyond the classroom. All the while, she fills her studio with laughter and community that will leave you inspired for years to come.
Abby has committed well over half her life to studying domestic and textile history with a focus on hand-spun fabrics and practical functionality. Using her background in both museum work and agriculture, Abby strives to bring her art to life from seed and livestock to fabric production for everyday life, and she is honored to share that knowledge with you.

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Nelly Detra


Visit Nelly Detra at Black Cat Judaica to learn about her and the beautiful work that she is doing.

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