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The former Marshfield Center for Textile Research is now under the Weaver's Croft umbrella and is very committed to furthering research in historic equipment and textiles.  We are open to any and all research ideas and to offer students the chance to have access to our amazing collection of historic textiles and equipment.



Early Hand Loom Survey

Since first being introduced to working with early hand looms when attending the Marshfield School of Weaving in 1979, Kate Smith has been completely fascinated with these unique tools ever since.  Both of her ex-husbands began to collect and restore looms to pass on to other students and it finally became obvious that some sort of data base was needed to collect information on all the looms that were coming through our hands.  If you have an early hand loom please fill out the survey.


Embossing & Glazing

Fabric Finishes of the 18th c.

Kate Smith and Eaton Hill Textile Works spent 10 years studying the unique fabric finishes of embossing and glazing and eventually was able to reproduce fairly accurate embossed patterns for upholstery and bed hangings.  The glazed fabrics used for whole cloth quilts and some historic clothing fabrics such as calimanco still remained out of reach.  Our hope is to continue working on solving that mystery and to achieve a workable finish that rivals those on some of our historic pieces.
See the Glazed & Figured Calimanco Study Group if you are interested in this topic.


Since 2018 the former Marshfield Center for Textile Research was happy to co-host the Textile History Forum with Rabbit Goody of Thistle Hill Weavers and the Spinning Wheel Symposium with Florence Feldman-Wood of the Spinning Wheel Sleuth.  After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic we have resumed hosting these two events on a yearly or biannual basis.  We hope to also offer other gatherings focused on historic topics and especially one celebrating the early hand loom in conjunction with our local timber framer community.
Stay tuned for up-coming events.

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