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Weaving a Tallit

Weaving a Tallit

Weaving a Tallit

September 24-28, 2024

One Week Session  $750


In this 5 day session, each student will design and weave a tallit.


The Jewish prayer shawl, or tallit, is the traditional garment worn by Jews during religious observance. The only specifications given in the Torah for this garment are that it should have four corners to hold the “tzitzit” or fringes. This gives the Jewish weaver a broad range of artistic options when designing a tallit.


In this class each student will design and weave their own tallit, atarah and corners. We will wind up the class by tying the tzitzit together, and discuss how we can express our own vision of Jewish observance through the mitzvah of crafting and wearing tzitzit.

The tallit will be have wool/silk weft woven on a white wool warp.  A selection of  yarn colors will be available ​at the studio.  There will be a materials fee figured at the end of the class based on the yarns used.


Maximun enrollment in the class is 5 students.

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