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Study Group / Glazed & Figured Calimanco

Study Group / Glazed & Figured Calimanco

When I acquired the Anders Berch Tals Textil book in the 1990's I immediately fell in love with the calimanco fabrics shown there. I spent the next 15 years looking at samples in museums, reading whatever I could find written on the subject and actually reproducing, as accurately as possible, some of the Anders Berch designs. Along with this research into calimancos I then moved into the whole world of embossed and calandered fabrics resulting in a whole new arena of Eaton Hill Textile fabric offerings. I am now ready to return to these areas of research - especially as I never cracked the code of how to make a truly glazed fabric - and I welcome those who also share this fascination with those amazing fabrics.


If you are interested please email Kate at


There is a nominal cost for these sessions to reserve a place.

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