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Alumni Weaving Retreat

Alumni Weaving Retreat

Alumni Weaving Retreat

One week

June 24-28, Nov 4-8, Dec 9-13


Alumni Retreats are an opportunity to take time out of one's busy life and to sit back down at the loom again. They are designed to allow former students and experienced weavers to take advantage of the Weaver's Croft Studio space to come and weave with Kate on hand to answer questions when they arise and to fine tune their weaving skills.  Students can come to weave for their own enjoyment and join fellow classmates and friends for a week of slow weaving and relaxation.  Some looms can already be warped and there may also be a theme to the week based on a project choice - such as Round Robin Rag Rugs, 18th c. Household Textiles, Shaker Linens, etc.

Enrollment is limited to four students per session.

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