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     The Weaver’s Croft is the long awaited venture of Kate Smith's 45 years of work in the field of historic textiles and her involvement in the Marshfield School of Weaving, Eaton Hill Textile Works and the Marshfield Center for Textile Research.  
     Situated on a 1800’s farm site in central Vermont and surrounded by 600 acres of protected forest named after the patroness of MSW - Virginia Stranahan - the W
eaver’s Croft is a gathering together of the knowledge and experience of Norman Kennedy, Kate Smith and all of their former students who have gone on to share this knowledge with the textile world.
    This new venture will offer alumni weaving retreats, independent study, guest instructor classes, weekend workshops and  research opportunities along with a collaboration of local timber framers in the building of hand looms and other weaving equipment.  

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The Weaver's Croft




Weaving Manual


Vermont Made
Hand Looms

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