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Color Techniques in Spinning

Color Techniques in Spinning

Color Techniques in Spinning

July 15 - 19, 2024

One Week Session  $750


Understanding how dye and fiber practices affect your finished product.


In this 5 day intensive course, each student will dive into the world of color  theory using wool and a few simple hand tools


Beginning with dyeing, you will learn to create vibrant shades in primary colors using natural dye materials and metal mordants. From here, you will gain skills in spinning, plying, and wool processing techniques as you create yarns in vivid secondary and tertiary colors to fluid gradients and ombres. To conclude the class, we will discuss how to utilize colored yarns tastefully in finished fabrics.
In 5 days, you will learn basic natural dyeing processes, carding techniques for color blending, spinning techniques for color variants, and how colors work tastefully together in woven or knitted fabrics.
Color Techniques in Spinning is the best fit for spinners who love to breathe new life into their work through experimentation, imagination, and detail. This class is here to help you grow your techniques in spinning and knowledge of how to manipulate colors through each stage of wool production to achieve specific results.


Some beginning spinning experience is required.


Maximun enrollment in the class is 8 students.

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